21 Steps to Building A Creative Agency

21 Steps to Building A Creative Agency 1

Everyone wants to have a successful agency, but just how do you go about maximising your profitability and Building A Super Profitable Creative Agency? I was lucky enough to be invited by my accountancy firm to attend a talk on how to Build Creative Agency by someone who has been there, done it and bought […]

WordPress Birmingham Grows to New Levels

Wordpress Birmingham March 2013

Being a self taught developer, I found it hard to meet other developers and designers. Being sat at home, with a book, and a print out of an online tutorial it is hard to imagine who exactly produces this kind of information. The first chance I had of meeting a developer who I did not […]

The Secret to Designing Beautiful WordPress Admin Icons

21 Steps to Building A Creative Agency 2

I’m pleased to have attended another well organised WordPress London event by Keith Devon over at Google Campus London. A lot of us techy people already know how to create WordPress plug-ins and custom post types for WordPress for use within the WordPress admin panel. But what if you also need to create beautiful matching custom icons to go […]