Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Graphic, Design and Digital Agency

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Have you been enjoying the summer?

We’ve been busy bee’s this summer from working with some of the top London design agencies converting their beautiful designs into pixel-perfect WordPress websites, having the privilege of giving a talk and sponsoring WordCamp to attending a dinner discussing how we can help our clients build a £1 Million creative agency.

As summer sadly comes to an end in the UK, check out our favourite articles from around the web with tips and advice on how you can continue to grow your web agency.

1) How to deliver an exceptional client service

We often hear companies, including Web agencies, boast about how they provide exceptional client service. But how do they define exceptional? Find out how you can deliver an exceptional service to your clients. The little things can sometimes make the biggest difference.

2) What your email sign-off really means

‘Cheers’, ‘all best’, ‘warm regards’ – having to choose the best way to sign off an email is a minefield. Which one do you use for what occasion? This humorous article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

3) 21 Steps to Building a Super Profitable Creative Agency

We met with Spencer Gallagher, a truly great guy, who built his own digital agency from the ground up growing it to 200 people operating the 12th largest digital agency in the UK turning over 12M. He gives us his 21 “tips” on how to build your own profitable creative agency.

4) Finding the best WordPress Plug-ins for your website

One of the greatest aspects of using WordPress to power your website is its ability to run plugins. Even if there isn’t a plugin available to perform a specific task, odds are you can develop it yourself or hire someone else to do so.

5) Make your mark on the world

Developing your brand is one of the most fundamental areas to get right in any business. You can have a carefully-crafted business plan, but without a strong brand, there is very little separating your business from your competitors. Follow this formula to create a successful brand.

6) 5 Things to Never Say to Clients

Designers must walk a fine line that entails winning the client without compromising their own needs and values. The willingness to do whatever it takes to make the potential client happy seems like a great attitude and a noble, prudent approach, but it doesn’t always have a fairy tale ending.

7) Top 10 Start-up Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Laurence McCahill from digital product specialists Spook Studio highlights some common early-stage pitfalls, with some guidance on how you can avoid them.

8) “This is how we built it” Case Studies

Some great advice on creating case studies to show your clients. Not only are case studies a great way to explain the design process of an agency, but they also help designers and developers to learn from each other.

9) 15 Ways to Build Your Brands Authority

These days, authority matters. Not only will building your brand’s authority help create the necessary SEO signals to improve your site’s natural search performance, it’ll also create additional streams of traffic to your website and create the kind of consumer goodwill that leads to conversions.

10) Creative and Innovative Navigation Design

A website has a personality — it is a reflection of the person or organisation behind it. When people visit your website, you want it to stand out from the crowd, to be memorable. Have a look at some examples of websites that display this extreme creativity.

We hope this helps you continue to grow your agency.

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