Common SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them

When managing SEO, even experienced veterans of the game can make rookie mistakes. The winds of change blow upon the SEO industry like few others: something is always being made obsolete. To that end, it’s important that you can understand and appreciate of managing common SEO mistakes and how to get around them. Most of the time, though, the damage has already been done: it then becomes about finding a tool that can help you to fix them.

Worried you’ve done serious SEO damage? Fear not: this can help you out!

Slow Site Speed

The first tool that you should use is Pingdom (, a site that lets you check the speed that your website is loading that. This can be vital for making sure you can see genuine progress and change with how your business comes across.

A fast loading website is essential for good SEO. Today, a website that trundles open is far less likely to actually succeed than one which is rapid and fast. This can be a major boost for making sure that you deal with a part of SEO which has become increasingly important over time.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker ( is a vital skill for ensuring you aren’t having links which do more damage than good. This is a fine choice for making sure you can get all the help that you need in really enjoying yourself and taking things to the next level.

With this, you get to witness the importance of having working links. Simply having a look at all of your damaged links and replacing or removing them can be a fine starting point for making sure that your business is going to have a strong and stable future as you keep progressing.

Meta Management

The other side of SEO that you should want to deal with is the ever-important factor of meta content. Meta tags and the like are vital aspects of making sure your website is understood and appreciated by the search engines. With this, you make sure that people can get all the help that they need in putting together a more helpful way of knowing what you offer.

As such, management of Meta should be something that you look into. SEO Spider is one of the most effective at making this happen. It looks at titles, descriptions and tags and finds out how effective they are – and what has to change. This can be absolutely vital for making sure that you can begin to see a much more impressive level of improvement over how your business is spotted by users.

It’s very important that you look to use each of the above tools. When utilized in the right manner, they can play a critical role in determining the importance of good SEO. It’s not just about keywords being used too much: everything from how the site is running in the background to the meta tags used has a profound effect.