Ad-hoc WordPress Support

✅ One-Off Incident Support
✅ Priority Response
✅ Updates every step of the way

We work on the following to prevent any urgent issue or emergency hampering your site

Admin area, product editor or uploads not working as expected.

WordPress is saying it has a fatal error.

Your website is down or displaying an "Error establishing a database connection" message.

Your theme is either not displaying correctly up or has returned to its default theme.

You're getting an error on every page.

None of your images show up.

Your WordPress site has been hacked.

Hackers have filled your site with embarrassing images, or compromised your user confidentiality.

You're locked out of your admin panel, and your website is displaying only a white page (white screen of death).

You're getting complaints from visitors regarding a red warning about hackers when they visit your site.

Your WordPress site has been hacked.

Google has emailed you about security issues.

1 Hour Fast Response Support

1 hour fast response support  includes up to 1 hour of work on your WordPress Website.

If additional time is required we will get consent from you before proceeding.  Additional time is charged at £60/hour.