Brand Development Project Form

To ensure we align your new brand identity with your vision, it would be an invaluable exercise for you to document and reply with your elevator pitch, vision statement and brand traits as detailed below.

  • Your elevator pitch is what you would generally answer if someone were to ask you what your business does? The purpose of an elevator pitch is not to close the deal; it's to get a conversation going. Ask yourself the following questions:
    1. What do we do?
    2. Who do we do it for?
    3. Why does it matter?

  • Your vision statement is about your business's future, goals, and objectives. Again, this is typically one line to a couple of paragraphs in length. Write it as if you were talking to someone and avoid corporate jargon and generalisation - stay specific.

  • Your traits define what makes your business unique and uncovers the personality behind your brand. Please list 5-7 traits that best describe your brand, along with a trait that you want to avoid. This will help us while designing your logo; it will define a positive brand persona while avoiding the traits that would take your brand in the wrong direction